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We are excited to announce that industry PR professional Mark Allen has joined Ranieri Games as Director of Games, UK, and will head up the UK unit from the London office.

Mark brings over 20 years of industry experience to the gaming division with experience ranging from large scale global communication campaigns for AAA multi-platform brands to indie PC and mobile/tablet titles. Over his career he has held in-house positions for leading publishers in UK, European and global roles including Eidos, Activision and Sony Electronics to name a few.

Mark has been playing video games for as long as he remembers and has fond memories of playing retro classics like Kung-Fu Master, Space Harrier and Dragons Lair in the arcades as well as queuing up to buy an imported Sega Megadrive from the local indie retailer. “They only had five consoles available” he remembers “so I got there at 4am in the morning to queue up outside to make sure I secured one. Good job too as I was the third person there! I will always remember firing up ‘Revenge of Shinobi’ and seeing that first intro. I was instantly hooked!”

To see how Ranieri Games could support you with your next campaign, DM us or visit the website: https://ranierigaming.agency/.

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